-justlura welcome to my mind. i'm lura, 28 years old from fucking cold minnesota. i'm kinky, 420 friendly, an enthusiastic New Orleans Saints fan, a gamer and i'm just here take what is constantly spinning around in my mind and put it "down on paper". let the fun begin.

29 facts about me

29 Facts about me, per Cunterella’s challenge.

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I was challenged by @Cunterella__ to write 29 facts about myself.

The game is, if you “love” this note, i will assign you a number between 1 and 50 and then you write that number of facts about yourself. Ready…set…go!!

1. i absolutely love stuffed animals. i have 11 that currently live on my bed, including my build a bear Kitty, from Master, and a special friend named Stuey, that was sent to my by a very special friend of mine that lives in Australia. i am always on the search for new cuddly friends.

2. my absolute favorite band is green day. i own the entire discography, including a few dvd’s that i have yet to watch. i met the band at a meet and greet a few years back when a friend of mine, and i, went on a mini road trip to fargo, nd to attend the meet and greet and their show, and then the next day we drove back to minneapolis for another show. at the fargo show i actually got to touch mike durnt’s guitar, as he was doing a guitar solo, and at the end of the song he bent down so i could touch the neck of his guitar. that was super cool.

3. my favorite colors are “gun metal” grey, black, and many shades of purple. i am also fond of “seafoam” green. i cannot stand, and avoid owning anything in the color of dark/hunter/ever green. just…yuck. gross color.

4. i love wearing leggings. best article of clothing ever created.

5. i drive a little white mercury mystique. it’s old, it’s loud, but it’s amazing on gas and i actually REALLY like my car!

6. i use to be very outgoing and would take any chance that i got to be out and about and among other people. i am much more of a homebody now, and have sort of fallen into that in the last couple of years. i am ok with this. i very much enjoy sitting at home with my son, playing games on my computer or chatting with various friends. you don’t always have to leave the house to have fun!

7. i use to be, and soon will again be, a blackjack dealer. it’s the best job i could ever ask for and i cannot wait until i can get back into it, at the end of september. for the record, no, i do not know how to count cards and no, i don’t like playing blackjack on the players side of the table. i am strictly the dealer. i will be making this my career.

8. i own 4 bath robes that i wear all the time during the cold winter months. they are a staple in my wardrobe, much like the previously mentioned leggings.

9. speaking of cold…the coldest temperature that i have seen (on my thermometer outside, was -22F and with the windchill, it made it a balmy -40F. nothing like stepping outside of your house for 2 minutes, seeing the humidity crystals frozen and floating in the air, while trying to make sure your nose hairs don’t help freeze your nostrils shut.

10. i am a very big fan of video games. i am currently addicted to Skyrim (who isn’t? i mean really…) and i have been playing different types of games and consoles since i was in elementary school. i currently own an Xbox 360 with several games, including Halo, Skyrim (i have that both on the PC ((which is the version that i play)) and on the console) Hit Man 2 and other games i can’t remember the titles too right now. i also play Diablo 3, on the PC, when i get desire to, and i have a steam account, though i am not very active on it.

11. i have a birth mark on my left ass cheek. i’ve been told it’s “cute”…erm…cute? ok…we’ll go with that.

12. i use to have a love/hate relationship with Jack Daniels, and his other whiskey brothers and cousins. we do not speak anymore. it’s for the better.

13. i am absolutely 420 friendly and partake in 420 activities whenever possible. i am not ashamed of this. it helps me emotionally, mentally, enables me to sleep and helps level my anxiety. do i believe it is a medicine? you’re fucking right i do. do i also enjoy doing it recreationally? indeed i do.

14. ^^^ that being said…
i do struggle with Depression and Anxiety. i keep it in check with the aid of an antidepressant, marijuana and a few very close friends. we refer to my depression/anxiety as “the black dog” he is a viscious, lying asshole of an ugly mutt. a sneaky bugger too. we are not nice to the black dog. being mean to him is the only way we can chase him away.

15. my bedroom is, more often than not, messy. the mess mainly being constructed of a pile of clothing that just looms in the corner of my bedroom. no, not a pile…a fucking mountain. every once in awhile i climb this mountain, chip away at it, and it disappears for awhile…from the looks again…it’s time to climb that mountain again.

16. i do not have a problem with clowns, spiders are fine as long as they keep their distance. i really like most rodents, they are absolutely adorable. cenntipeades…FUCKING KILL THEM WITH FUCKING FIRE.
EXTRA FACT!: i once got into a battle with a cenntipede…i won….with the use of a broom, a kitchen spoon and drowning it in hot water. i won’t even touch the dead ones. fuck that shudders.

17. ever since i can remember, i have always had a fear of being stuck inside of an elevator. i don’t know what brought this on, but i just really don’t like them. i almost passed out in a elevator once…fortunately my at the time boyfriend was there to catch me before i hit the floor.

18. i have six cats and a dog. Cats: Kennedy, Ember, Maggie, Simon, Sadie, and Lou, and our dog’s name is Pooh Bear.

19. i am very much looking forward to turning 30. i see zero things wrong with getting older. i can’t wait!

20. when the movie “Titanic” was released in theaters, i loved it so much, and was so enamored by “Jack and Rose” that i saw the movie 13 times…in theaters….no lie.

21. i own a very heavy, ceramic bear head. for no reason.

22. my nickname “lura” was given to me by a close friend of mine 14 years ago. people, both online and in my “real life”, call me lura. i will almost respond to lura faster than i respond to my real name.

23. currently, my favorite song is “Soon We’ll Be Found” by Sia…here…have a listen:

24. i frequently put on the “tough girl” act. but the vast majority of the time, i crave not having to be so “tough”. i discovered not long ago that i have a “little” and she craves love and warmth and attention and wants nothing more than to be happy and playful with the people that she is most comfortable around..and those people know who they are.

25. i never go see movies in a theater. i could not tell you any of the movies that are currently in theaters, nor could i tell you any of the “block busters” that have been released lately. the next movie i plan to go to is the next installment of The Hunger Games “MockingJay”…that should be a great one. i love The Hunger Games series. i have read all but the last half of the last book, and i think Jennifer Lawerance is amazing.

26. i own three collars, all gifted to me by my Master. all three of them can be seen via the pictures in my profile. they are, by far, my most prized possessions.

27. i cannot leave the house without chapstick/lip balm of some sort, and be ok for the day. i just can’t.

28. the majority of my close friends, well, friends in general, are online/long distance, including my Master. i have formed several very close friendships with people i have met online, and not yet met in person. relationships can take many forms, this just happens to be the way some of my best relationships are, and i am ok with that.

29. i fucking LOVE @BDSMAmerican ‘s brown leather paddle. that is all i have to say about that.

and there you have it, peeps…29 facts about me…..press LOVE…i dare ya!

this is the best thing ever

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this is the best thing ever

This is me

What i am about…

I believe a lot of people have been confused about what exactly it is i am about. well….let me tell you…first and foremost, drama is not my thing. Does it follow me? Yes. Do i appreciate that fact? No, i do not. Seems that drama has been something that has followed me a lot of my adult life. In case you weren’t aware…here is how i want to live my life….Living, Loving and in the presence of the people that i most love and care about. Most of the time i get that….and then, sometimes i get to deal with backlash of others jealousy, hate and distain. Aside from the fact that i am present in a situation, about 99% of the time, i have no idea why people insist on bringing drama to me. All i know is..i’m done. i’m sick of the shit, sick of the bullshit and the drama. i have lived a long (young) life of racism, prejuduce and hate, and in my adult life, because i am able…i CHOOSE not to be a part of these types of things.

What does lura really about?

Three things: my son, R…my Master (whom many people know, and know i am completely dedicated to) and the pursuit of things that make us happy and improve our lives. Nothing More. I have always been one that indulges in socialization via chatrooms, and the like…and personally, i see nothing wrong with that. in fact, most of my friends, now days, ARE online….there is that element of actual talking and communication that i have with my “online friends” that most people won’t experience in their entire lives.

my relationship with my Master is solid.

i have known my Master for 3 years now, and he has been my Master, Owner, Lover and Protector for the last 2 1/2 years. This man has been my rock and my saviour for the last 3 years. He and i have been through so much….deaths of friends and family, myself being manipulated without my knowledge, the loss of family and many other things. The important part is…Master and i are still ONE. He will NOT give up on me, and i will NOT leave him or let him go. Our bond is strong, beyond it’s years, and it would take something out-worldly to pull us apart.

In Conclusion:

If you have gotten to this point, thank you. Sometimes even a slave/pet/sub…or whatever….needs her voice heard. NO Master does not opprese me. This just seemed like a time where i could really put my feelings out there. And friction or otherwise….this is how it is.


Snapchatting at 2am like

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Took an arrow to the funny.

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Things you’ll say while trying to lockpick in Skyrim:
“Oh come on!”
“Easy… easy.. ah, easy now… wait, I think… yes, I’ve got it- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.”

every single one of those ^^^

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Things you’ll say while trying to lockpick in Skyrim:

  • “Shit.”
  • “Fuck.”
  • “Dammit!”
  • “Oh come on!”
  • FUCK!”
  • “Easy… easy.. ah, easy now… wait, I think… yes, I’ve got it- FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK.”


every single one of those ^^^

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